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A 4-day event was held in Berlin from 14th to 17th September 2016, during the European Week of Sport.

In these days experienced sport technicians and referees belonging to the project staff has been trained by Italian expert trainers on the Integrated Football Rules: playing strategies, game officials but also the reasons for and the educational aspects of Integrated Football. Two days have been dedicated to lectures followed by two days of demonstration matches of Integrated Football, open to the public. On Wednesday 15th a press conference was organized in Berlin for the  presentation of the project and of the programme of the Event.

On Saturday 17th September at 10 a.m. was held the Integrated Football match (live streaming by RANOFILMS), freely open to public, between a delegation of Italian athletes and a delegation of German athletes. A speaker explained in detail the characteristics of Integrated Football and commented the game in all its phases, to make it fully understandable for the public.

Thanks to a web platform broadcasting live, the Event was available on the project website.

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director / andrea musi

assistant / giulio musi

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postproduction / ranofilms

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