Ranofilms is a laboratory in continuous testing to assure the choices most technologically current and effective and at the same time to design with creativity and the correct style of communication and multimedia audiovisual projects.

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Andrea# producer / Andrea Musi
# +39 339 5048725 / andrea@ranofilms.net
As a child I dreamed of building wooden furniture / The orders became too many, so I decided to spread colors. Often I try to mix play and sounds to stir excitement.

ale# pr / screenplayer / Alessandro Montello
# +39 349 4261070 / alessandromontello@gmail.com
126 cr / Trasformo messaggi in nuclei relazionali. Cioè: faccio cose, vedo gente, tramutando in euro le parole che penso, dico e scrivo.


Luca# DOP / gopro operator / Luca Bragagnolo
+39 392 4262018 / lucabragagnolo@gmail.com



Paola# assistant producer / Paola Pinat
# +39 349 4261070 / paola@ranofilms.net



Stella# design and graphics / Stella Musi
I am a young designer with a wide background in creativity and I am particularly interested in Graphic Design. My Product Design background made me methodological, objective oriented and organized. I am a quick leaner, proactive, independent, visualizer and punctual. I like people and I am smiley! When I have a few free time I like to go out with friends, cook for them or go dancing with them. I love electronic music and I like indie rock and hip hop. I like to visit design and art exhibitions. Sometimes I go to the cinema, I like all kind of movies. I like sad books.​ I love nature. During the summer I go to the park and horse riding.​ I love the sun and summer.

# Web and media developer / Mattia Borini



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